Do you want to be ahead of the pack with inspections?

With eSmiley Audit you get the highest standard in audit systems. You get a detailed look at food safety issues in your kitchens. And you get the best preparation for an inspection.

Inspections without a grumpy smiley

An audit is a detailed inspection in the manner of those by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The only difference is that you order the inspection yourself, and instead of being made public, the results stay within your own company. 


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Let eSmiley do the work – or do it easily yourself!

Audit Standard

For those who prefer to do it themselves. We give you access to the audit software in your eSmiley system – you use it whenever you want.

Audit Plus

The most comprehensive audit package: We give you access to the software in the eSmiley system. Our food specialists are responsible for the audit, including guidance.

Audit Special

Do you have specific requirements as to what needs to be inspected in your particular business? If so, Audit Special is the solution for you.


eSmiley Audit – on the safe side


Highest food safety
Documented work
External advice
DIY option


Good overview and important knowledge

eSmiley's specialists have been through McDonald's 87 Danish restaurants

"We have been very happy with eSmiley's audit. The system has given us a useful overview of the condition of our many kitchens, as well as important knowledge of how we can be even better at ensuring the highest level of food safety."


Susanne Houlberg, Quality Manager, McDonald's Denmark

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