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Amongst other things we can help you with orders regarding food hygiene, self-monitoring and education. Or with the statutory yearly review of your self-monitoring programme. Please get in touch to learn more and to get help.


We offer audits in your company, where we will go through the self-monitoring programme and check the procedures for cleaning, storage and food handling.  

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Order Scheme 

We are available if you should receive an order regarding education and advice from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. eSmiley is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to both educate and advise within the order scheme. 

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eSmiley can help you get started with your new startup within food hygiene. We know the legislation and the rules and can help you in the start-up phase. This ensures that your company meets all the rules of the food legislation. 

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eSmiley offers professional help within food safety. With the eSmiley food safety you will get help and advice from experienced consultants. 

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Advisory services

eSmiley are experts and can also help with other advisory services within food safety. Do you need advice regarding approvals, labelling or rules regarding import, we are happy to help.  

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