eSmiley Industry

By using eSmiley's industry solution your electronic self-monitoring will be set up in accordance to our industry code. The industry codes are assessed by Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The following industries have their own industry codes:

  • Danish Brewers’ Association
  • Danish Butchers Association
  • Horesta
  • Danish Agriculture & Food Council
  • Danish Dairy Board

(Please contact us for more information)

Very motivating!

“We cooperate with eSmiley and offer our industry code electronically through eSmiley. The system is easy to use and is very motivating”

Tine Skriver, Food Director, HORESTA

Ready. Set. Go. And you stay abreast.

Everyone can use eSmiley’s electronic self-monitoring

You can use eSmiley’s self-monitoring programme without having any knowledge of computers and technology. All inspections and reports can be made with few clicks. eSmiley only requires you to be connected to the internet. You can use the software on a computer, a tablet (i.e. iPad) and a smartphone.

You’re in good company

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