eSmiley Standard

You have everything you need in the eSmiley standard package. And a bit more. We will build your own self-monitoring programme, so it fits 100% to your kitchen and activities. And obviously so it meets the authorities’ requirements.

You will get:

  • Risk analysis
  • Self-monitoring
  • Inspections
  • Report
  • Log books
  • Alarm-text
  • Statistics
  • Supplier surveillance
  • Withdrawls
  • Support
  • Ongoing updates of latest legislation etc. 

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Everybody is happy

Electronic self-monitoring at Roskilde Food Service 

”Everybody knows how to operate the easy and secure programme, also employees who know nothing about computers. Everybody is happy!”

Anne Jensen, Diet professional, Roskilde Food Service.


Ready. Set. Go. And you stay abreast.

Everyone can use eSmiley’s electronic self-monitoring

You can use eSmiley’s self-monitoring programme without having any knowledge of computers and technology. All inspections and reports can be made with few clicks. eSmiley only requires you to be connected to the internet. You can use the software on a computer, a tablet (i.e. iPad) and a smartphone.

You’re in good company

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