Less foodwaste - more food on the table

Here in Denmark we throw away around 700,000 tonnes of food every year. This is something we want to put a stop to, with your help!

As a leader within the self-regulation and food safety sectors, we take food very seriously indeed!
eSmiley has therefore developed a simple and effective tool with the help of which you can easily keep a record of your foodwaste. FOODWASTE gathers together all of the information you need to help you save money, take stock, reduce food waste, become better at planning ahead and protect the environment.

FOODWASTE has been developed for use with your eSmiley system.


Do you want to save money and reduce your food waste?

Give us a call today on +45 70 26 55 55 and start getting the most out of the new tool FOODWASTE

Once you have placed an order for the tool, we will place it in your eSmiley system and guide you through the tool’s many potential applications.



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