eSmiley Sensor - 
your self monitoring partner  

Would you like to self-monitor less than you do today but still meet the authorities’ requirements? eSmiley Sensor is the solution. It automatically measures the temperatures in your cooling and freezing units and register them in your eSmiley electronic self-monitoring programme.

  • Save time and feel more confident 
  • Save money on your electrical bill 
  • Protect the environment - less CO2 



Less self-monitoring – more safety


Time saving
Individual alarms
Stay on top of the temperatures 24-7
Less waste


This is how the eSmiley Sensor works:

You can now sleep safely at night – eSmiley stays on top of your cooling and freezing units.

eSmiley Sensors are wireless and automatically measures the temperature in your cooling and freezing units and will send the measurement via a base directly to your eSmiley self-monitoring programme. You order the sensors you need. We deliver and help you get started.


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Formidable and simple!

"The constant surveillance ensures that we stay abreast. The alarm goes off at temperature changes, which has ensured that we didn’t have to throw out products from cooling units that were not functioning properly. It’s a formidable and simple solution, which is easy to integrate." 

Poul Erik Pedersen, QHSE Manager Mediq Denmark A/S

You are in good company

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